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Image Consulting

We advise our client in the areas of hair, makeup, appearance, style, media training and etiquette. We help our client present the best view of how to promote products and services as well as themselves.


Our branding department provides solutions that uncover the issues holding your brand back. Great design is only half the battle. You also need storytellers, idea-makers, problem solvers and big picture thinkers. Whatever your challenges are, we’re here to creatively guide your brand towards the future you envision.


Our marketing department works with you to develop and use traditional and new media technology to market your business to your target audience. We strive to improve visibility, attract new customers, increase visits from existing customers, and retain a valuable customer base.


We provide creative and effective promotions targeted to your target customers that will boost your profit margin. We work with you to create promotions that create financial increase. All our promotions are designed to your specific needs.


The market is being flooded with so many new products every day making it extremely difficult for consumers to decide which products best fit their desires.  This is why it is of extreme importance that businesses, vendors, manufacturers, individuals, etc. set themselves apart from their competition.  As elite branding professionals, we make it our priority to pair your products with individuals of elite talents, thus associating them with everyone from the upper echelon of consumers to aspiring, working class consumers.  This broadens product horizons and shatters the glass ceilings of product marketability and endorsement potential.


Jenesis MilanTM Agency makes the term “service” seem like a luxurious duty as opposed to a laborious task by affiliating these services with athletes, entertainers, artists and businesses in industries that appeal to the masses.  No matter how big or small the service being rendered is our agency’s profound ability to link any service to upscale entities and clients with the utmost respect in their industries will set the service provider apart from all the competition.  We make even the most mundane services exciting and eventful in the eyes of the consumer.